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Hanus Jewelry (pronounced HAH-noos) came to life in 2017 when I set out to embrace my artistic journey after years of working in corporate america as an engineer.  My jewelry business is named after my Grandfather who immigrated from Czechoslovakia and successfully started his own business with emphasis on customer service.

I threw myself into every type of jewelry making classes to see what interested me the most and it was always the silversmithing classes that spoke to me. I discovered a fascination for fine and sterling silver's versatility, beauty and how it provided a canvas for my artistic expression. I also found out how melting metal leaves me completely mezmerized!

Living in the heart of the Methow Valley I find inspiration from the tranquil beauty I'm surrounded by and have a small home studio where my ideas come to life. My studio has seen its share of triumphs and 'oops' moments for sure, but all part of the creative process. Here, I'm a one woman show where laughter can be the best tool that I own. The journey is just as fun as the destination. 

Thank you for joining me on my artistic journey where I am always learning. Each piece I create is part of a shared story between the art, myself and you, the wearer of the piece. I look forward to continuing my journey, exploring new ideas and creating silver art that resonates with and inspires all of us.

- Jeannette

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